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Thank you, everyone, for an amazing event!

The Fifth Annual Midwest Smoke Out was a resounding success, thanks to our incredible vendors, sponsors, and enthusiastic attendees!

To see pictures of the event, check out our fantastic photo gallery!

Not sure what the event will be like?

Check out last year’s LIVE coverage from Lakeshore Public Media to get firsthand look (or listen) of what it’s like at the Midwest Smoke Out!
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What’s New at the Midwest Smoke Out?

Every year the Midwest Smoke Out gets bigger, better, and more refined. Check out what we’ve got in store for you guys this year…. New Cigar Brands… New Ways to Smoke….   New Beers & Breweries…   New Cars & Motorcycles… First time for… Victor Vitale is Bringing… A brand new, very limited release: Blend […]

Top 10 Reasons to Go to the Midwest Smoke Out

This year’s Midwest Smoke Out is shaping up to be the hottest party of 2014. If you haven’t grabbed your tickets yet, then maybe you need a little reminder why the Smoke Out is the “Can’t miss it!” event of the year. Let’s count down the top 10 reasons to go to the Midwest Smoke […]